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Cormorant Garamond is a classic font with a modern twist. It's easy to read on screens of every shape and size, and perfect for long blocks of text.

Mixed Media Collages

Mixed Media

*Friends & Family*
slides 1-6

*For Fun*
slides 7-10

black and white picture of a baby
personalized artwork

This project was created as a gift for my grandson, kaiyden, for his fiirst birthday and is inspired by his love of dinosaurs. The collage features a variety of materials including vinyl and acrylic, as well as wood burning, ribbon, and leaves, adding depth and texture to the piece.

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Tee Shirts and Designs
Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Tee Shirts!  
For Family &


I truly enjoy the process of bringing a person's vision to life through a unique and personalized design on a tee. Whether you’re looking for something bold and vibrant, or subtle and understated, I can create something to reflect you. 

man surrounded by drums
a gray shirt with Ozzy Ozbourne Diary of a Mad Man logo on it
two tee shirts that say "chiefs girl" on them
Kansas City Chiefs arrowhead with red glitter vinyl
a compilation of tee shirts
a woman against a brick wall wearing a black tee shirt
A white tee shirt with the image of Tupac and a quote
a compilation of light blue tee shirts for a business
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Curved Lines


Silhouettes are a beautiful and unique way to showcase the individuality and personality of any subject. These custom-made silhouettes highlight the features of any face in a way that can unveil your character with even just a few lines...simplicity. 

Grainy Texture
Ancient Paper

These picture highlight the most prevalent features of your face and create a personalized work of art! The before and after pictures are a must-see, slide by slide, to truly appreciate the beauty of each creation. 

Orange Shadow


Welcome to my custom crafts section, where you'll find a collection of my favorite originals. These pieces were created with pure passion, as I work to unleash my creativity in different mediums. Many of them were made for friends or family, while others were made just for fun. Check out the selection and let me know if there is anything that resonates with you!

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Image by Steve Johnson
monogram in a frame
LRM_20240309_093137-removebg-preview (1)
the name "Mark" with fancy handwriting on a wood slab

Friends and Fam

a bunch of bottles that are dressed up like Santa
a original piece of art with a lady in a veil and crosses behind her
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